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A Q-Smart choice with nationwide installation

by George Lewis

VBH has teamed up with servicing company DG Supplyline to offer a nationwide installation and service package for the greenteQ Q-Smart electronic smart handle.

Q-Smart enables users to access their homes via phone app, fingerprint recognition or proximity fob and has been a very popular addition to both companies’ product ranges since launching this year.

VBH are actively selling Q-Smart to their door manufacturer customer base, while DG Supplyline have a long-standing reputation as a main supplier to installers and the aftercare/locksmith market.

DG Supplyline also have a servicing arm, which has been servicing and repairing windows and doors since 1983. GreenFenster powered by DGS boasts a diverse network of skilled engineers across the country.

As well as their installation service, a major part of DG Supplyline’s offering is to provide an aftercare service, including planned maintenance programs for Q-Smart doors.

Dan Powell, Head of Sales at VBH commented: “VBH has a great reputation for quality in our own field of hardware supply, so it was vital when seeking a service partner that we worked with a company of a similar standing within their area of competence. We have found that company in DG Supplyline.”

Dan Rosewell MD of DG Supplyline added: “We’ve been dealing with VBH for many years and we know that they supply only top quality products.

“When they introduced us to Q-Smart we immediately knew that it was a winning product. We also knew that we had the infrastructure to fill a gap in the market that would benefit everyone.

“As with all hardware, smart tech needs to be properly maintained to ensure that performance levels stay at their optimum, and DG Suppyline’s experienced engineer network is perfectly placed to provide that crucial maintenance role.”


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