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Alutech Systems customers to ‘avoid Brexit price-hikes’

by Sophie Stevens

Aluminium systems supplier, Alutech Systems, maintains that it will be ‘business as usual’ for its customers next year, with no Brexit-related price increases implemented in January.

With changes imposed by Brexit from 1st January 2021, Alutech is reassuring its customers that its prices will be unaffected by the changes because it imports from outside the EU and therefore, the costs are already covered.

According to Alutech, European system suppliers have previously paid zero customs duty when importing into the UK but due to Brexit, their customers could now see a price increase of around 5-8% depending on product.

Points to be aware of, highlighted by Alutech, include:

  • Imports will need to be declared through an agent
  • VAT will need to be paid prior to delivery, unless you apply for a government guarantee.
  • Duty will need to be paid prior to delivery, which will be around 6% on aluminium profiles.
  • Agents will charge a minimum fee per invoice/delivery.
  • Deliveries may be delayed through customs, either for checks or lack of capacity in ports due to an increase in demand.

Alutech Systems’ managing director, Steve Hudson, said: “All of the above could potentially add a massive cost to your business. In these unprecedented times, we appreciate that all businesses are stretched thinly for time and resources. The last thing you need is more hassle and reduced margins.

“Luckily, here at Alutech Systems, we import directly from our partner in Belarus and already have all of the processes and associated costs in place. This gives our customers peace of mind that buying from Alutech Systems will be business as usual!”


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