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Profine achieves VinylPlus certification

by Sophie Stevens

Profine GmbH has been awarded the VinylPlus Product Label as part of its sustainability strategy, following a demanding certification process.

The VinylPlus Product Label is the sustainability seal for PVC building products. Partner companies from the window and door sector can use the label to advertise Kömmerling profile systems, for example, in tenders and to promote their green credentials to consumers.

The sustainability label was developed by VinylPlus, the European PVC industry’s voluntary commitment to sustainable development, in close cooperation with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and The Natural Step (TNS).

A system provider must prove, in independently conducted audits, that certain key requirements are met. The criteria includes the responsible procurement of PVC raw materials and additives, closed material cycles and recycling, a sustainable energy and climate strategy, and process management requirements. In essence, it must be ensured that PVC, as a raw material, is sustainably sourced, processed and recycled.

Profine GmbH is authorised to use the VinylPlus Product Label in the European and UK sales regions, as well as for various products and systems in the area of profiles and sheets. To this regard, the label refers to the Profine production sites in Berlin and Pirmasens.

Profine GmbH is also a member of key associations and initiatives such as EPPA and the German Rewindo recycling network.

Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of Profine Group, commented: “We have set ourselves the goal of aligning our entire company to a future worth living in, and we understand sustainability to be a holistic task: from using high-quality raw materials, the production of energy-efficient systems and extensive recycling up to the implementation of our corporate social responsibility. The partnership with VinylPlus and the VinylPlus Product Label fully underline this philosophy.”

www.vinylplus.eu www.profine-uk.com www.kommerling.co.uk

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