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Smart Ready FIT for new September show dates

by Sophie Stevens

FIT Show 2021 is going to be the highlight of the year’s calendar for Smart Ready, which says it is in full support of the new September exhibition dates.

Giovanni Laporta, inventor and innovator at Smart Ready, has confirmed the brand will be at the starting gates, ready to share the latest advancements in the world of smart technology for windows and doors.

Smart Ready is one of the two stands at FIT 2021 under the stewardship of Gio’s team, the other, sited directly opposite is long established brand Sac Hardware which will be unveiling some genuine step change hardware solutions for the way windows and doors are fabricated and installed.

Giovanni said: “FIT is a focal point for the industry, and it is so important that we can come together in a safe environment to present new developments, share ideas and get market feedback. For us, the exhibition this year will allow us to demonstrate just how much progress we’ve made since our inaugural presence at FIT 2019, as well as showcase the culmination of the creativity, design ideas and innovation we’ve embraced during 2020 lockdowns.

“To thrive in a world that is constantly updating and releasing new technologies, our brands must be at the front of the wave, leading the way to create the life-enhancing change customers will want and even take for granted in the future. Working to meet only current needs of customers is a reactionary method of operations that simply results in peddling tired products to tired audiences. Smart Ready’s approach, as many people know, is the total opposite to this and our determination to entice, guide or even pull the door and window industry along its future path will be evident more than ever for the Fit Show’s new dates during September 2021.”

Nickie West, FIT Show’s event director said: “We’re very excited to see that Smart Ready has thrown its support behind our new September dates. They already had a number of exciting plans in the pipeline and this extra time will allow them to make an even bigger impact when FIT Show returns in September. Gio and the team are always so creative and forward thinking in their whole approach to exhibiting at FIT Show – we cannot wait to see what they have in store for our 2021 visitors.”   

Giovanni concluded: “Nickie and her team have absolutely made the right choice in delaying the event to allow everyone to come together with certainty in safety, and we’ll be as excited to see what others have done in terms of creativity, innovation and investment during the pandemic, as we will be proud to showcase our own developments.”


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