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Snickers’ pile jacket is ‘warm and versatile’

by Sophie Stevens

The Snickers Workwear climate control system includes functional base layers, insulating mid layers and weather-protective outer layers.

These ‘technically advanced’ working clothes allow craftsmen and craftswomen to adjust to changing weather conditions on site so they’re always working effectively – with maximum comfort and protection.

The new FlexiWork inverted pile jacket is described as a warm and versatile pile jacket that can be used both as a jacket in cooler conditions or a mid-layer when the weather is more inclement.

Made of laminated polyester fabric with a furry pile lining for optimal warmth and comfort, its ergonomics also feature shaped shoulders for a great fit and optimum freedom of movement.

Snickers says hi-tech, advanced fabric technology like this is integral to all its base, mid and top-layer garments for both men and women.


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