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Vanstone expresses Green Homes Grant concerns in open letter to Alok Sharma

by Sophie Stevens

Jon Vanstone, chair of Certass Trade Association, has written to Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma, to express his concern that lack of clarity over the Green Homes Grant scheme is ‘damaging’ the glazing sector.

In the open letter to Mr Sharma, Vanstone said that the announcement of the scheme on 8th July ‘has unfortunately had the unintentional consequence of damaging the glazing industry as it gives false hope to consumers of being able to acquire glazing work in September through a funded programme’.

Vanstone writes that: ‘This has already led to a huge number of job cancellations as consumers wait for government updates to see if they are eligible for the support. Before the announcement, the glazing industry was bouncing back successfully, both with installations that had been postponed during lockdown and new business.’

Calling for ‘immediate clarity on the Green Homes Grant Scheme as regards the position of glazing’, Vanstone suggests that ‘the most appropriate position is to include glazing as a primary measure for the scheme and to enable the backdating of funds to consumers with immediate effect’. 

This, he writes ‘would result in immediately unlocking the industry-wide problem created by the recent government announcement, create a huge positive in the energy profile of housing stock in the UK and deliver massive benefits in consumer spending for the economy’.

Read the letter in full, here

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