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A smart addition

George Lewis recently attended the launch of TouchKey, ERA’s new smart door security solution. We hear what the company has done to make the product stand out in an ever-growing market sector…

The smart security sector seems to be of ever-increasing popularity to the homeowner and end-user, with the ability to lock, unlock and open the door in alternative ways to ‘traditional’ methods catching the imagination and fitting better with people’s busy lives and changing expectations.

It is due to these factors that ERA says it has ‘revolutionised the expectations and capabilities of keyless entry’ with the launch of its door security solution, TouchKey. 

TouchKey combines a smarter security door handle, an auto-firing multi-point lock, and an anti-bump security cylinder.

It is installed during the fabrication stage on composite or timber entrance doors, and the technology provides multi-factor authentication for residential door access. ERA says it is the only system of its kind to combine five different entry methods into a single door handle. 

This includes fingerprint access, geolocation technology, by app voice-activated entry, or via the Smart Home app, but still offers the ability to be opened by manual key override if required.

The new product, which we got to see up close at the launch event, features fingerprint technology which allows up to 50 different fingerprints to be stored directly within the handle to provide users with instant access to the property. 

And when used with the ERA Smart Home app, TouchKey can be unlocked with a single touch locally or remotely via the addition of an ERA alarm hub. 

As ERA points out, having all this data implemented within the product also requires consideration, with a GDPR compliant platform hosted on a UK ERA-owned data server to stop hackers gaining access to personal information.

ERA says the smart lock’s battery life is between 6-8 months, on the basis of ten openings per day. But to allay any fear of the door remaining open when the battery runs low or stops, prior warning will be given for the homeowner to change the battery, and if the battery still isn’t changed, the lock goes into a ‘fail-safe’ mode.

Digital e-keys with ‘timed access’, or live for a certain amount of time, can also be assigned to individuals, such as family and friends, via the app. Voice command can be operated via the app to unlock the door on approach, without having to physically touch a smartphone.

With the geolocation technology, the system can remotely unlock via Bluetooth once a designated individual is within range of the property.

And for the traditional folk amongst us, the TouchKey also contains a hidden manual key override, with three keys supplied as standard.

ERA says that TouchKey has been manufactured due to demand from both fabricators and homeowners.

Helen Downer, President of Tyman UK & Ireland, ERA’s parent company, explained: “TouchKey provides fabricators with the next generation in smarter door security, and because it integrates with the wider ERA Protect smart ecosystem, it presents door manufacturers with cross-selling opportunities, whilst providing additional security for customers.”

As an extra selling point, ERA says TouchKey is one of the first systems of its kind to achieve a new BSI Standard. 

TouchKey has been independently tested to BSI’s new Smart Residential Locking Device standard, which was developed in conjunction with ERA and combines the BSI Internet of Things (IoT) Kitemark with TS 621 for mechanical security with smart locking.

From a design point of view, the mechanical hardware includes a two hook multi-point lock with a central deadbolt that fires six locking points when engaged to automatically secure the door on closing.

And the anti-bump security cylinder works in conjunction with the TouchKey smarter handle and TouchKey multi-point lock, whilst simultaneously providing resistance against forced entry.

The smarter handle is also built for strong security, with the addition of a forged steel backplate and hardened plates that prevent potential attackers from removing the handle to access the lock.

And finally, to further impress the homeowner, ERA says TouchKey is the first of its products to feature 100% sustainable packaging.


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