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A universal approach to aluminium ancillaries

by George Lewis

Window Widgets has brought a holistic view to product development that includes its range of dedicated ancillaries and accessories for the aluminium window and door systems sector.

The ancillary products include 16, 20 and 24mm couplers, the latter a thermally broken design as is one of the fixed 90 degree corner post solutions for 58-76mm frame depths, along with other bay and corner solutions.

Many of these solutions can also facilitate load bearing and can accommodate a fully CE Marked and compliant Window Widgets jacks which are load tested to nine tonnes, but capped at two tonnes from a certification and warranty perspective.

With an increasing number of companies now manufacturing more than one aluminium system, harnessing a range of universal ancillaries makes perfect sense as Adrian Clare, Technical Sales Executive of Window Widgets, said: “Throughout our entire product range we’ve looked to design products that can be used in many different brand systems and additionally we’re providing a matched white and foiled range to support this.”

He added: ‘The aluminium sector is now different and if anything shows that manufacturers often have two, three or even four systems as part of a standard offering and so our universal range helps reduce stockholding from a cost and space point of view. When combined with other universal ancillaries for window and door manufacturers it can make a notable and positive commercial impact on businesses.’


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