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Acting on Instinct

Space has been the pinnacle of travel and accomplishment for scientists and in more recent years entrepreneurs alike. Now, MACO has created history by joining them and sending its new door solution, INSTINCT into space.

INSTINCT by MACO, a Red Dot award winner, German Innovation award winner and has become the first domestic door lock to reach space.

As part of the MACO innovation Tour that has spanned across Europe and included the National Space Centre, Leicester, England it provided the perfect backdrop to mark the announcement with footage.

INSTINCT by MACO travelled to an altitude of 106,850 ft. (32568m), entering the history books and endured temperatures that can drop to -65 Degrees Celsius.

MACO partnered with Sent Into Space, who has worked with the biggest brands and film crews across the world, including Samsung, YouTube, BBC and Disney just to name a few.

When asked why they sent a door lock into space MACO said: “After more than 150 years in which the cylinders and keys have  been continuously used, we (MACO) believe that with the creation of INSTINCT have created the turning point in the way doors can be locked and designed.

“Creating a solution like this which changes the way we all enter our homes and use doors needed something really special to capture just how innovative and different this solution really is. We pride ourselves on creating innovation in everything we do from our solutions, service and knowledge and INSTINCT in Space encapsulates that in a truly spectacular way”.

As if the stars aligned, INSTINCT landed safely back on earth in Telford, which is where the first FIT Show took place in 2013. FIT Show has played an integral role in aiding the development, concepts and design ideas of INSTINCT across the last decade adding another element of this ground breaking event.

You can see footage of Instinct heading into space on our Glaze Tube channel here: https://glaze-tube.co.uk/instinct-heads-to-space/


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