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Carl F Groupco releases Part F guidance for fabricators

Hardware distributor Carl F Groupco has released guidance for fabricators and installers on the new Part F of Building Regulations.

Carl F Groupco’s Technical Manager, John Mitchell, said: “The new Part F of Building Regulations comes into force on 15 June this year. As a responsible hardware distributor, we feel it’s our obligation to ensure that the full supply chain is prepared ahead of this date, which is why we’re releasing this guidance now.”

The new standard requires additional ventilation to circulate air in living spaces. While this can be achieved in many ways, by far the most economical and practical solution is to use trickle ventilation in both new builds and the replacement market. 

In advance of the new regulations, fabricators may need to review their production processes to cope with fitting new products and be aware of the vents required to comply, while maintaining U values.

Installers will need to educate themselves on the stipulations of Part F for all scenarios to make sure they are fitting compliant products and advising end users correctly.

There have been several attempts to improve ventilation standards in the past but due to ineffective management of building regulations, they have often been overlooked.

John said it’s important that fabricators and installers don’t think these latest regulations will be the same. “Local Authority Building Control (LABC) is in charge of policing new build installations this time round, requiring confirmation that each building complies.

“The ultimate responsibility falls with the installer to guarantee their installations comply with regulations but we see it as our job to make the necessary arrangements to supply compliant products and to assist installers with the requirements.”

Carl F Groupco stocks Part F-compliant vents from Glazpart, Greenwood, RW Simon and Yale as part of its extensive range of premium quality window and door hardware components. It operates nationally, including to the Scottish Highlands and offshore islands, from distribution centres in Peterborough and Cumbernauld.

With roots stretching back over 70 years, its experienced team is always on hand to offer advice on the most appropriate hardware solution for any project. With the changes to Part F being the most significant for many years, John believes that it is Carl F’s expertise that its customers will value more than ever in the coming months.


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