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Competence takes centre stage at BSR Conference 2024

Certass is proud to report on the successful conclusion of the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) Conference 2024, held at the NEC in Birmingham. 

Certass Chair Jon Vanstone is leading the Industry Competence Committee (ICC), positioning the certification body uniquely to influence and drive the competence agenda across the built environment, as well as promoting and communicating the standards of competence.

Key highlights from the Conference included: 

1.        Introduction to the Role of the ICC: The conference commenced with an in-depth presentation on the ICC’s role in improving industry competence. Jon Vanstone, in his capacity as ICC Chair, detailed the committee’s objectives, which include setting clear industry standards and guiding professionals on effective implementation practices.

2.        Future Pathways for Registered Building Inspectors (RBIs): A dedicated panel discussion explored the future steps for RBIs in maintaining and enhancing their competence. Emphasis was placed on the importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), structured peer reviews, and the introduction of modern apprenticeships to foster practical learning and mentorship.

3.        Competence in Practice: Another critical session explored the practical aspects of competence. Discussions highlighted the necessity for ongoing CPD, real-time performance monitoring, and periodic internal audits to ensure continuous professional growth and adherence to regulatory standards.

4.        Evolution of the Competent Person Scheme System: The conference also addressed recent developments in the Competent Person Scheme System, focusing on ensuring that industry professionals are adequately assessed and qualified to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Jon’s leadership has been instrumental in steering the conversation on competence. His extensive experience in the glazing industry, coupled with his role at the ICC, has enabled Certass to be at the forefront of these critical discussions. The body remains committed to leveraging its position to enhance industry standards, ensure the safety and integrity of building practices, and to champion the cause of competence. Certain’ involvement in the BSR Conference 2024 reaffirms its commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and safety within the industry.


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