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Creating the conservatory of your dreams using Augmented Reality

Tech start-up Augmented Reality Creations (ARC) has launched a technological innovation that it expects to be a ‘game changer’ for the conservatory market.

Using augmented reality technology, ARCDesign is a web-based conservatory designer and visualisation tool that sees installers give control to their customers via their website, allowing their hard-earned web traffic to design, visualise and explore their dream conservatory.

With ARCDesign, potential customers can design their dream conservatory, choosing their preferred style, shape, and materials, as well as doors, windows, roof, and any other decorative extras.

Once they’ve finalised their design, customers have two choices – they can either submit their design to the installer to get an informed quote, or they can use the augmented reality software of ARCDesign to project a virtual, explorable, life-size 3D model of their conservatory onto their home via a smartphone, allowing them to visualise and explore where it would end up in real life.

ARC COO and Co-Founder Andrew Clear said: “ARCDesign is an extremely powerful lead generation tool that allows customers to truly engage with their new glazed extension, experience it in situ, and share it with friends and family before making their final decision.

“The innovative software is guaranteed to increase engagement with an installer’s website, while also boosting conversion rates, trust and brand reputation.

“It’s also sure to speed up the sales appointment process, eliminating tiresome paperwork and saving time, money, and energy.

“Augmented reality might have already made its mark on many sectors, but it’s only just beginning within the glazing industry.

“With ARCDesign, conservatory installers can add a real wow factor to their sales visits, giving potential customers more control over their investments, increasing their conversion rates and potentially growing their business.”


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