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Everest sets replacement market standard with 0.80 U-Value

Everest has unveiled an addition to its product line – an innovative uPVC window and door system that has been created in collaboration with VEKA.

Over recent months Everest has invested heavily in a complete redesign of its core window and door range, with each component part selected for its leading specifications, including a cutting-edge 44mm triple glazed unit and profile system developed with new partners VEKA.

The result is an impressive U-value of 0.80 – a level of thermal insulation which not only aligns seamlessly with the proposed 2025 Future Homes Standard but sets an industry-defining benchmark in the replacement windows and doors sector.

Paula Chambers, CEO of Everest, said: “We recognise that consumers place particular importance on security, comfort, aesthetics, environmental responsibility, and affordability. Our new window and door system delivers on all these fronts, a particularly crucial offering in a time when both environmental impact and budget concerns weigh heavily on everyone’s minds.

“In a world where escalating energy costs and the undeniable effects of global warming have heightened awareness, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship now take precedence for consumers, businesses, and policymakers alike. The Future Homes Standard, slated to guide the fenestration industry towards reducing the UK’s carbon emissions by 2025, emphasises the role of windows and doors. While the specific requirements are yet to be confirmed, preliminary guidelines suggest a U-value of 0.80 for new homes. While the regulations for replacement windows and doors are expected to be less stringent, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a range which meets this benchmark.”

She explained: “At Everest, we wholeheartedly embrace the UK Government’s vision of achieving net zero emissions which goes hand-in-hand with our customers’ desire to invest in quality products which will save on their energy bills. This is why we’ve set an ambitious U-value target of 0.80 for our window performance. This commitment has spurred us to develop a range of products perfectly aligned with the proposed Future Homes Standards.

“These innovations empower homeowners to enhance the insulation performance of their existing homes, making a substantial contribution to a more sustainable future. Our A++ energy-saving triple-glazed window, complemented by our 44mm glazing unit, surpasses the replacement sector’s standards. Furthermore, we offer a wide array of glass types, each providing unique advantages, including solar control and superior acoustic performance.”


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