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Metal trickle vents grow in popularity

Metal trickle vents have become increasingly popular among homeowners and tennants due to their benefits compared with traditional plastic vents.

A key benefit of the Titon metal trickle vent range is its durability – the vents are much less prone to abuse or over-use, the company says. A high performance gasket, combined with compression closing action, improves sealing in adverse weather conditions and assists with acoustic properties. This ensures that air flows through the vent only when necessary, reducing draughts and energy loss – a feature especially important in colder climates where energy efficiency is a top priority.

Another advantage of Titon’s metal trickle vents is that they are designed to fit over the same slot detail (13mm or 16mm slot), making an upgrade a simple swap. This means fabricators can easily upscale their current stock without any significant effort or investment.

The airflow/EA rating of the Titon metal vents matches that of the plastic ranges, which means that no additional vents are required over plastic options to comply with the Building Regulations Approved Document Part F or recent revisions to other ventilation regulations. This not only saves time and money for house builders and fabricators, but also ensures that the ventilation provided remains efficient and compliant.

Overall, the benefits of metal trickle vents are clear. They offer a more durable and reliable solution for house builders and fabricators, with better weathering and acoustic properties, a positive closure, and a more straightforward installation process. As the demand for energy-efficient and sustainable homes continues to grow, it is likely that metal trickle vents will become an even more popular choice in the years to come.

Titon’s metal ventilator range offers a wide choice of sizes and air flow, available in standard colours as well as additional colours on request. The range includes the SF Xtra, SF Xtra Sound Attenuator and Trimvent SM.


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