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No key required with VBH’s greenteQ Mirage fingerprint padlock

by Sophie Stevens

Mirage from VBH greenteQ is a robust short shackle padlock that uses fingerprint recognition rather than a key for locking and unlocking.

According to VBH, operation is very quick with an average recognition time of half a second.

As well as the convenience of not needing a key, Mirage can be programmed with up to 20 fingerprints so is ideal in situations where many users need access.

Power is provided by a simple charge via a USB socket that is protected by a rubber cover when not in use. Depending on how often the padlock is used, a single charge will typically last for approximately 200 days.

When the charge is running low a beep will sound. An LED around the fingerprint pad will also illuminate.

Setting up users is very simple, without the need to connect to a computer. The first three users to be set up are classed as Admins. An Admin is then required to set up further users.  All users can be easily deleted by an Admin, using the setting needle provided.

Full instructions are provided with each product.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Keyless convenience
  • Up to 20 individual users
  • Strong, yet compact (88 x 55 x 25mm)
  • Choice of attractive finishes
  • Approximately 200 days normal use on a single charge
  • Low charge notification
  • Supplied in attractive packaging for onward selling

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