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Promac IGU line installation a UK ‘first’

by Sophie Stevens

In the first of its kind in the UK, Promac has installed a Forel ‘High Tec’ IGU line at Scottish glass processor, Ravensby Glass.

With the rising trend for larger glazed areas to meet architectural trends, the automated IGU line now enables Ravensby to manufacture glass panes of up to 5m long by 2.8m high, utilising several machines including the newly acquired Forel automatic vertical glass edging Machine.

Ravensby announced its investment in December 2020, with the installation completed in April. The fully automated machine has evolved from the best of Forel’s latest equipment and can produce double, triple and even quadruple IGUs.

With an integrated quality scanning system, the ‘High Tec’ line has the capability to process offsets and shapes, rigid, flexible or thermoplastic spacers, as well as assembled glass units weighing up to 400kg (880lb) per linear metre and up to 100mm (3.9”) thick.

“It was great to lead the installation of the UK’s first Forel ‘High Tec’ IGU line,” says Promac’s technical development manager, Paz Di Lello. “We worked very closely with Forel throughout the entire process to make sure that everything went smoothly from start to finish.

“This is such an impressive machine. The enhanced range of capability that it gives to Ravensby means that they will be able to meet the increased demand for larger glass units and opens up a huge range of new opportunities for them.”

It’s been a smooth journey from start to finish for Ravensby Glass. The new Forel line is already making a difference and it was commented that the way that Promac managed the project was both impressive and efficient.

“This was our first time working with Promac, and the service was fantastic,” added Hamish Ogilvie, director at Ravensby Glass.

The whole process from the initial enquiry through to the installation was very prompt and efficient, which made our life so much easier. The quote was clear and concise, the delivery was made on time and in the right order, meaning everything was done extremely quickly, in fact, it was one of the fastest installations we’ve had. 

“Everyone we dealt with at Promac was extremely well informed on the machines, and the engineers on site were fantastic, providing us with excellent levels of support. As with most machines, there have been a few teething problems early on, but the aftersales care has been exceptional and whenever we had issues, they provided us with solutions.”


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