Home Doors VEKA Unveils OMNIA: The ‘Next Generation’ of Fenestration 

VEKA Unveils OMNIA: The ‘Next Generation’ of Fenestration 

VEKA has unveiled OMNIA – a new suite of extrusions for double flush windows and doors that offers homeowners a complete flush look across all their windows and doors, retaining authentic detailing inside and outside the house, from just one suite of profiles. 

As a double-rebated, double-flush system, it offers a range of possibilities across casement windows and tilt and turn, plus residential doors and French doors – meeting the highest energy, weather, and acoustic performance standards.  

The collaborative design and development process, which has taken place over four years, has enabled VEKA to work closely with its partners to create something the industry truly needs and is excited for.  

OMNIA’s co-extruded PCE gasket and cost-effective mechanical jointing techniques streamline production and its future-proof 70mm depth makes the practicalities of placement and removal simple.  

The UK precision engineered suite also exceeds energy efficiency requirements set for 2025 building regulations, making it beneficial for reducing the energy cost of homeowners, and its subtle shadow line will offer the high-quality and highly desirable aesthetic appeal customers are looking for. 

The man behind OMNIA is VEKA’s Design and Development Manager, Phil Gregory, who said: “It’s incredible to finally introduce OMNIA to the world after four years of development. The reaction has been amazing so far. We’ve built more than five decades of market-leading experience and expertise into OMNIA and it is the right design at the right time. There are so many reasons to choose OMNIA.” 

Neil Evans, Managing Director of VEKA, described OMNIA as a game-changer, saying: “OMNIA is a product we have invested a significant amount of time, dedication, expertise and money into, and we are excited to bring it to the market. VEKA is renowned for market-leading designs, and this suite is exactly that. OMNIA captures the essence of VEKA, with the product incorporating the kind of innovative vision, with a sustainable and collaborative legacy, that has defined our company for generations.” 

OMNIA was first showcased at last month’s VEKA partner event in Burnley and at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE event in Nuremberg, Germany, and VEKA’S customers have been hugely complimentary of the new suite.  

Simon Holt of Consort Ltd said: “[OMNIA is great] because it’s a first – nobody else has done it. That’s the biggest thing. It’s different. And I want to be first as a fabricator.”  

With his colleague, Andy Miller adding:“It’s a fabulous product. Classy. No compromise.” 

Andy Jones of New World Developments said: “It’s exactly where the market needs to be. The only flush system designed from scratch. A complete system.” 

And Roy Frost of Listers Central praised the product for being in the ‘sweet spot.’ He said: “We make 3,000 windows a week across different sectors so, for us, this new product is absolutely in the sweet spot.  Modern design, nice gaskets, double rebated – lovely. We like it.” 


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