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Epwin helps boost the skills shortage via its digital platform

by George Lewis

The shortage of skilled staff coming up through the ranks is something that Epwin Window Systems is keen to tackle via its Connect digital platform.

Gerald Allen, Marketing Manager at Epwin Window Systems, commented: “We have partnered with specialist industry training provider T3 Training & Development to provide a wide range of qualifications, including the new standards, to help our customers upskill their staff and add value to their businesses.”

He added: “We know the appetite for training is huge and we are in conversation with many customers that are keen to move forward with training.”

One of the companies already taking advantage of the training offering is New Trade Windows of Bristol.

The company has committed to nine Apprenticeships across Fabrication, Management, Team Leading and Customer Services.

Dan Stone, Director at New Trade, said: “Being able to access training via Epwin Window Systems’ Connect platform is huge for us. It removes many of the barriers to getting high quality training and is helping us build a skilled, motivated workforce for the future.”

Gerald added: “As well as offering long-term benefits, it’s also important to point out there are numerous initiatives to fund the cost of training so it really is a win-win situation.

“For example, if you are an SME who doesn’t pay into the Apprenticeship Levy system then the government will fund 95% of course costs and other government initiatives are also available subject to eligibility too.”

T3 Training & Development’s tutors have over 20 years’ experience in training and development in the industry.

Companies can benefit from a Skill Scan analysis to identify the most effective qualifications for their workforce.


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