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New General Manager for Deceuninck

Darren Woodcock has been appointed as the new General Manager of Deceuninck’s UK operation.

Heading up the business with immediate effect, Darren picks up the reigns from Rob McGlennon, who steps into a new leadership role as Commercial Director.

Darren said: “Deceuninck is a fantastic company and delivering a lead to the window and door industry in the UK – and globally – in product innovation and sustainability. 

“We’re designing and investing in the development of a new generation of products that are more energy efficient, incorporate more recycled content, generate less carbon in manufacture and are easier to recycle at end of life. 

“To have the opportunity to head up our business in the UK is an absolute privilege. We have a highly experienced senior leadership team and committed employees, with a shared focus on customer service excellence and quality manufacture. 

“Our customers are fantastic and personally, and as a team, we very much look forward to working with and supporting them, long into the future.” 

Darren joined Deceuninck in 2016 as Head of Operations. He previously held a number of leadership roles within the window and door industry, including specialist foiling operations. The company said Darren’s expertise in this area has been instrumental in the development of Deceuninck’s colour offer. 

This included delivery of Deceuninck’s multi-million-pound investment in its Luna R automatic profile lamination line and the wider development of its foiling capability. This has become a centre of excellence for foiling Europe-wide, and directly contributed to Deceuninck’s offer which includes more than 30 different colourways, with a further 20 available in only a few days. 

Darren also oversaw and led the project to invest in a new exelliq Manufacturing 4.0. DIGI.LINE automated digital extrusion line, at Deceuninck’s main Calne extrusion facility. 

Darren’s appointment means that Rob McGlennon, who had held the post since 2017, having joined Deceuninck as Sales Director in 2014, moves into a new leadership role of Commercial Director. 

He is tasked with working alongside Darren to deliver Deceuninck’s medium-and-long-term strategy for the UK. 

Rob said: “Having on a personal note worked with him for more than 25 years, Darren is a top guy in every sense and without a doubt perfect for the role and leading Deceuninck into what I am confident will be a rewarding and successful future.

“He has been instrumental in building that team and in driving forward manufacturing innovation, in what has become a Europe-wide centre of excellence in PVC-U extrusion and foiling.

“I’m very much looking forward to working alongside Darren to evolve and set our strategy to ensure that Deceuninck and our customers remain at the forefront of innovation, today and tomorrow.”


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