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Reynaers is officially ‘A’ good place to work

Reynaers Aluminium has been rated ‘A’ good place to work following a staff survey.

The report, part of the company’s ‘Together for Better’ strategy to support employee satisfaction, saw the UK company gain its highest levels of validation for workplace practices – securing an overall ‘A’ rating from staff.

This followed a strategic plan to implement feedback following the previous survey, with a dedicated team’ instigating suggested changes.

This included introducing digital notice boards for staff who do not have immediate access to emails to allow them to stay up to date with company news, the addition of eyecare vouchers, and the introduction of a scheme to work a day in a different department to better understand how the company operates.

Access to the company’s telephone counselling service was opened up to immediate family members, while the company committed to re-introducing staff social events following the Covid pandemic – this included the introduction of a bi-annual get-together to celebrate staff anniversaries and welcome new starters.

Work was also carried out to enhance the physical working environment while electric car charging points were installed on the car park.  

To identify areas where staff would like to see improvements, the team canvassed employees for their ideas.

Richard Hall, Managing Director of Reynaers Aluminium UK, said: “Employees are the heartbeat of every company – we are who we are because of the people that work here. Their commitment and hard work allows us to create the quality products and provide the excellent level of service that Reynaers is known for.

“A key foundation of Reynaers’ ethical approach is that we are ‘Together for Better’, that means working as a collective and supporting each other within the workplace. We have strong company values #Caring, #Daring, #Passionate and #United and our team are expected to truly live these values. Commissioning an external survey to verify that is important to ensure that the commitment to creating a happy workplace genuinely works in practice.

“Following the recent survey and with a view to continually improve, we are now exploring further amendments to the working environment and have set up ‘The People Forum’ where volunteer members of our team will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and work together to implement further improvements.”

Reynaers has also recently updated its internal staff awards, with the new format seeing staff vote for who they think should win awards that fall in line with the company’s key commitments: #Caring, #Daring, #Passionate, #United, and keeping the customer at the heart.


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